Our history begins with our Father and Founder Ioannis Oustabassidis in 1934 with textile and haberdashery.


In 1993, the Afes Oustabasidou took over the maintenance and management of the business, headed by Eleni Oustabasidou - Sousouni and with the help of long-time trusted Ritta Printezi as a retail employee.

1949 & 1959

In 1949 it was moved to Athenaidos Street and then in 1959 to 6 Polykleitou Street in Athens where it has been operating until today for 64 consecutive years. Support for the long existence of the Afes Oustabasidou family was Georgia's wife and their 6 daughters.


In 2012 the course of the business passes to Ioanna Sousouni & Eugenia Andrianaki as the third generation of the Afes Oustabasidou family headed by Despina Oustabasidou, fifth in line, daughter of the founder Ioannis Oustabasidou.

The principles and family values of honest rigor, solvency, the indefatigable Pontic workaholic of grandfather Ioannis and grandmother Georgia are an excellent guide and compass for the continuation of the Tradition in Space and Time.

Worthy of mention to the long-term partners and suppliers who surround us with trust and reliability in the difficult task of serving our customers to always find from our store what they are looking for in the best relationship between quality - price - time & method of delivery

We sincerely thank both customers & suppliers for the 64 consecutive years of uninterrupted operation of "Afes Oustabasidou" and we wish from our side that the knowledge, experience and technology, with the creation of the site you are visiting, will achieve our ultimate goal for progress and better service to our customers. Always at your disposal either through our store or through the site, we will continue to promote a high & modern level of service!

Afes Oustabasidou